Bond Offering

Single Family Mortgage Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2021A (Social Bonds) and 2021B (Mortgage-Backed Securities Pass-Through Bonds)*

Offering Summary

Bond Details

Par Amount
Retail Order Period Begins
July 26, 2021
Sale Date
July 27, 2021
Closing Date
September 1, 2021
Method of Sale
Tax Status
2021A Non-AMT and 2021B Taxable

Additional Information

Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bonds,
2021 Series A (Non-AMT)(Social Bonds)*
Par Amount: $150,000,000

2021 Series B Refunding Bonds (Mortgage-Backed
Securities Pass-Through Bonds)(Taxable)*
Par Amount: $24,829,558

*Preliminary and subject to change


Offering Participants

Senior Manager

Municipal Advisor

Bond Counsel